Founded in 1992, B&T Electric has been serving the Kansas City area quickly and reliably for more than 15 years. We provide our customers the best possible service by having a small team dedicated to each individual jobsite. Each job is worked from start to finish by a crew of experienced electricians, which includes the owner who is the Master Electrician.

B&T strives to make the company more personal by building relationships with the builders; Also when you call B&T you will speak to Mike (the owner) not a secretary or another person at the company. Mike still does most of the service work and all of the walk throughs on new construction. With his many years of experience he can help you with ideas and thoughts on the lighting and electrical layout.

In the homes we wire, ranging from $60,000 to $2 million, we use JUNO Brand lighting, Leviton Brand outlets and switches, and also Leviton X-10 devices for our Smart Home Applications.

Our Services

  1. Home service calls for general repairs
  2. Installation of new or replacement lighting, switches, outlets, and power panels
  3. Installation of new or replacement of site landscaping lighting and wiring
  4. Code violations repaired in homes and buildings
  5. New electrical panels and upgrade to larger services
  6. Installation and repair of smoke detectors in homes and buildings
  7. Design build for electrical fixtures and wiring for home, building, tenant finish, and retail shops
  8. Installation of heating cables for sidewalks and driveways



Provence Homes Inc

Presko Custom Homes

Brookview Design Build

Homoly Construction

Distinctive Custom Homes

Wind And Solar KC

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